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Updates & Announcements
National office updates and E-Board administrative announcements.
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Re: new forum: Pharmacolog...
(abcdef919284) - 05/09/14 07:51 AM
Comments & Suggestions (1 viewing)
Have a suggestion for improving the E-Board? How about the DanceSafe website? Post your ideas here.
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Re: Problem with order
(Bryan) - 03/06/10 12:12 AM
Frequently Asked Questions (Read it, Live it, Love it)
Frequently Asked Questions ranging from Drug Use to Harm Reduction, Safety, and whatever people ask about the most. Expect to see these linked to ALOT.
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Re: Marijuana testing
(slaker) - 05/09/08 09:02 AM
General Discussion Forums
General Discussion Forums
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DanceSafe Basics
General discussion about DanceSafe, harm reduction and general questions that don't fit in other forums. A good place to start if you are new. Please use the "Social Forum" for non-drug related posts.
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Re: Email of the Week Post...
(xtc_eyezz) - 03/23/10 08:30 AM
Harm Reduction Groups
For those engaged in harm reduction work. Let's use this forum to network, share information and develop working relationships. This is a good place to find a group in your area, too.
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Re: Interested in starting...
(Nathan) - 01/20/10 07:52 AM
Parent-Teen Dialogue
Open and honest dialogue between parents and teenagers about drugs is rare given the atmosphere of fear created by the drug war. This forum will hopefully bridge the gap.
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Re: New Drug Education-by-...
(muze226) - 02/01/10 09:29 PM
Safer Sexuality
Rumours, Myths, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Methods of Protection, Anatomy, Medication and Drug interactions. Ask questions and share knowledge. Respect Yourself :: Protect Yourself :: Be Prepared.
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Re: Sex makes you fat?
(Most_Rest) - 08/13/08 06:56 AM
The Law and You
For open and candid discussion of current and pending laws and policies that are predicated on and propagated by "the War on Drugs". By increasing awareness of these issues we will not only be able to more proficiently assess and reduce personal legal liabilities but as well discover and discuss projects in which we can become more active in and support that will promote healthier policies and laws in the future.
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California's New Medical M...
(Dr.Rockzo) - 01/28/10 04:08 AM
Politics and Society
For intelligent discussion of past, current or future political, social, economic and governmental issues. Posters are encouraged to cite their sources of information where possible... Use "The Law and You" for questions or disussion related solely to specifc criminal laws.
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(muze226) - 02/01/10 09:27 PM
The MEDIA Room (All News, All the Time)
Icorporates reviews and analysis of media stories involving Harm Reduction, Rave/Drug Crackdowns, All News Media involving everything from politics to new drug laws, to current world news
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The Destroyer Star & T...
(JadedDave2012) - 02/21/10 01:13 AM
Safe Settings
Promoters, club managers and venue owners share responsibility for preventing heat stroke and other medical emergencies at their events. Discussion on establishing safe dance environments.
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Re: Trying to help
(meej) - 10/03/08 09:49 PM
Therapeutic And Spiritual Applications
Many people report therapeutic and spiritual benefits from using psychoactive substances. This forum is designed to facilitate honest and exploratory communication about our unique experiences of the spectrum of psychoactive substances. Includes a growing listing of progressive and informative articles as society studies and interacts with these 'Tools of Discovery.'
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Re: Sacred Intentions: Ins...
(Majere1313) - 10/09/08 09:00 PM
Health & Fitness
A place to share information and ask questions related to Health and Fitness, including topics such as nutrition, supplements, yoga, dance, weight training, acrobatics, team sports, recovery and any other issue we face in our quest for optimal health and longevity.
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Re: ANDROGEL (testosterone...
(NewLove) - 03/25/10 07:57 AM
Women's Issues
Women's forum (including transgendered) to discuss self-image, pregnancy and drug use, rape, safer sex, stigmatization of women drug users, and other issues we face in rave and dance club culture (and society as a whole).
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Re: Old wounds, & new ...
(muze226) - 03/07/09 05:17 AM
Men's Issues
Menís forum (including transgendered) to discuss self-image, health, behavior, safer sex, rape, male drug use, and other issues to better the advancement of the Brotherhood of Men.
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Re: Expectations - Being a...
(Lancer) - 03/18/10 12:47 AM
Ecstasy Forums
Ecstasy Forums
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Safer Use of Ecstasy
Reducing the risks and harms that can result from using Ecstasy.
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Re: The "magic" ...
(blue eyed devil) - 02/28/10 07:44 AM
Facts, theories and prevention. Pre/post loading, dietary supplementation, 5-HTP, antioxidants.
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Re: two times used, heavy ...
(Err) - 02/07/10 07:14 PM
Fatalities and Serious Medical Emergencies
Case reports and analysis of all contributing factors. Let's stop pointing fingers and figure out why these rare but tragic incidences take place, so we can help prevent them from happening in the future.
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Re: hearrt problems
(slaker) - 07/10/08 06:41 AM
Pill Testing And Adulterants
Testing kits, laboratory analysis, Q&A, etc... (Please confine all discussion concerning specific brands or logos to this forum only.) Also, detailed discussions on Adulterants commonly found in Pills sold as ecstasy.
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Re: orange OC
(lantern) - 03/15/10 12:18 AM
Safer Use of Other Drugs
Safer Use of Other Drugs
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(Uppers) Stimulants include any kind of substance that produces a heightened body reaction similar to exercise or exertion. Examples include Methamphetamines, Caffeine, Cocaine, Ephedra and others.
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Re: Bad speed trip now I'm...
(Eeyore) - 12/23/09 01:54 AM
Prescription Pill ID and Antidepressant Drugs
A forum for the discussion of Antidepressants, medication for other Mental Health problems, and for the Identification of Prescription Drugs

WARNING: This information is anecdotal and does not serve to replace advice given by a Medical Professional.
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Re: My Dogs Tramadol?
(muze226) - 12/04/09 08:49 AM
(Downers) Drugs classified as Central Nervous System Depressants, such as Alcohol, GHB/GBL/BDO, Rohypnol, Opiates, Sleeping Pills, etc.
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Re: Suboxone and shooting ...
(NickM335577) - 03/23/10 03:50 PM
(Subclass of psychedelic drugs) Any substances that produce a sensation of separation from self via mind/body dissociation. Examples include Ketamine, DXM, PCP , Nitrous Oxide, and others
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Re: Residual effects of DX...
(Eeyore) - 06/08/09 10:38 PM
Causing such changes in the conscious mind as hallucinations, delusions, intesification of awareness, and sensory perception. Examples include LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, DMT, etc...
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Re: LSD in capsule form?
(blue eyed devil) - 12/20/09 05:09 AM
Marijuana, hash, Sativa, etc Seperated from the other forums because it matches more than one class of drug effect.
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Re: Between a rock and a h...
(Lancer) - 03/17/10 10:45 PM
Other Drugs not Covered above 467 3843
Re: mojo/pep spice?
(dmac) - 11/30/09 06:28 PM
Pharmacology & Chemistry
For discussion of topics related to the actions and uses of drugs in the human body from a chemical and biological standpoint. Also for the discussion of general, organic and medicinal chemistry related topics including syntheses, reactions and theories.
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Re: Adderall VS Meth in a ...
(slaker) - 06/02/08 05:00 AM
Non Safety and Non Harm Reduction Related Discussion
For those Discussion Forums that don't relate specifically to Harm Reduction or Safety
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Mature, Intelligent discourse on philosophical matters. No holds barred on subjects. Pointless flaming and Trolls will be handled with due force.
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Re: Do we live in a New Wo...
(JadedDave2012) - 03/02/10 05:02 AM
Discourse on Psychology and working of the mind (both human and otherwise).. Motives, morals, ethics, etc.
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(NewLove) - 03/19/09 08:35 AM
Discourse on Spiritual issues.. The Basis for spirituality and applications in daily and throughout your entire life. Discussions on forms and methods of attaining and practicing.
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Re: The Workings of Evil 1...
(JadedDave2012) - 02/04/09 03:29 AM
DanceSafe Social
DanceSafe Social Forum. Getting to know each other, eases tension and increases trust. A place for NON Harm Reduction discussion. Make Sure to read the FAQ for rules and guidelines!
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Re: What has happened?
(muze226) - 03/24/10 03:36 AM