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Safer Use of Other Drugs
Safer Use of Other Drugs
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(Uppers) Stimulants include any kind of substance that produces a heightened body reaction similar to exercise or exertion. Examples include Methamphetamines, Caffeine, Cocaine, Ephedra and others.
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Re: Bad speed trip now I'm...
(Eeyore) - 12/23/09 01:54 AM
Prescription Pill ID and Antidepressant Drugs
A forum for the discussion of Antidepressants, medication for other Mental Health problems, and for the Identification of Prescription Drugs

WARNING: This information is anecdotal and does not serve to replace advice given by a Medical Professional.
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Re: My Dogs Tramadol?
(muze226) - 12/04/09 08:49 AM
(Downers) Drugs classified as Central Nervous System Depressants, such as Alcohol, GHB/GBL/BDO, Rohypnol, Opiates, Sleeping Pills, etc.
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Re: Suboxone and shooting ...
(NickM335577) - 03/23/10 03:50 PM
(Subclass of psychedelic drugs) Any substances that produce a sensation of separation from self via mind/body dissociation. Examples include Ketamine, DXM, PCP , Nitrous Oxide, and others
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Re: Residual effects of DX...
(Eeyore) - 06/08/09 10:38 PM
Causing such changes in the conscious mind as hallucinations, delusions, intesification of awareness, and sensory perception. Examples include LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, DMT, etc...
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Re: LSD in capsule form?
(blue eyed devil) - 12/20/09 05:09 AM
Marijuana, hash, Sativa, etc Seperated from the other forums because it matches more than one class of drug effect.
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Re: Between a rock and a h...
(Lancer) - 03/17/10 10:45 PM
Other Drugs not Covered above 467 3843
Re: mojo/pep spice?
(dmac) - 11/30/09 06:28 PM
Pharmacology & Chemistry
For discussion of topics related to the actions and uses of drugs in the human body from a chemical and biological standpoint. Also for the discussion of general, organic and medicinal chemistry related topics including syntheses, reactions and theories.
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Re: Adderall VS Meth in a ...
(slaker) - 06/02/08 05:00 AM