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#199549 - 05/02/08 01:26 AM Adderall VS Meth in a standard Drug Test?
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I was wondering what the chemical similarities between Adderall and Meth are in reference to a standard "Big 5" urinalysis drug test. I am prescribed Adderall and get random drug tests at work. Of course I got flagged for Amphetamines on a test in the past, showed my prescription, and have not had any problems ever since. Now here is the question...

If I were to, hypothetically, do meth and get a random test, would the lab be able to tell the difference between the adderall and the meth? Or does the standard drug test just throw a generic "amphetamine" label on anything in that class?

Not that I'm planning on doing meth, also not that theres anything wrong with doing meth, I was just having another one of my deep Adderall infused though processes
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If I were to, hypothetically, do meth and get a random test, would the lab be able to tell the difference between the adderall and the meth?

Using the standard method of detection, no. Using GC/MS, yes.

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There are two steps to most drug tests. First is the 'screening' test using a color-changing stick, much like a pregnancy test. If that tests positive, they then (and only then) send the sample to the lab for a high-tech analytical test that WILL positively identify the drugs in your system.

The screening test can't tell the difference between methamphetamine and Adderall (amphetamine.) The confirmation test at the lab can.

So, it comes down to a question of procedure. If you tell the people doing the testing in advance that you're on Adderall (and prove it), when the screening test shows positive for amphetamines they probably won't bother running the confirmation test, in which case they'll never know that there is methamphetamine as well as amphetamine in your system. However, if they do run the confirmation test anyway, then they'll find out about the meth.

So the answer to this question comes down to human behavior/testing policies rather than testing technology.
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There are screening tests that they can do that can tell the difference between specific opiates and specific amphetamines if they have those in their office...

At my pain doctors office they do random drug screens... They just do a standard five plus an opiate specific one that tests for a broader range of opiates than the standard test (this is because the standard only tests for morphine and codeine, oxycodone and hydrocodone wont show up) and they have before been able to see that I specifically had hydrocodone in my system in addition to the oxycodone they were prescribing me...

I assumed because they were giving me oxycodone that if I tested for opioids they would assume it was that and leave it at that... But they screened further and found that I had buprenorphine and hydrocodone in my system that I didnt have a script for and I got in trouble...

If you test for amphetamines they carry another reagent screening test in their office to differentiate methamphetamine, amphetamine, and other similar drugs such as ritalin...

Now they do this because they prescribe narcotics and its a liability for them to give narcotics to someone abusing drugs... Just because they carry reagents other than the standard 5 test doesnt mean that most places do... Most places are only going to carry the standard drug test, or maybe the extended standard (which includes oxycodone because of the amount of people using oxycontin, and ritalin..) but they wont likely have the tests to specifically identify different opiates or amphetamines they will likely just have the standard or extended and if its positive they will send it to the lab...

I was just pointing out there are screening reagent strip tests that can tell the difference between oxycodone and morphine or hydrocodone, and can tell the difference between ritalin, adderall (amphetamine), and desoxyn (methamphetamine, yes believe it or not methamphetamine is available by prescription).


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