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#204197 - 10/25/09 02:04 AM My Dogs Tramadol?
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My Dog is fully recovered from post op procedure and has an abundance of 50mg Tramadol left over. I am a occasional Vic/Perc user for recreational use and wondering if this would be safe. Is a Vet prescribed med pretty much the same as for human? Thanks for input.

#204233 - 11/30/09 03:11 AM Re: My Dogs Tramadol? [Re: plunger]
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never mind! don't do shit busy boards here. enjoy

#204235 - 12/01/09 12:21 AM Re: My Dogs Tramadol? [Re: plunger]
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Hey plunger...sorry for the delay. I know we're not exactly bursting with traffic lately but sometimes posts do manage to slip through the cracks...people get busy, spend time away from the boards and things sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Sorry 'bout that though.

I tried to do some research but didn't really come up with much. I found a lot of advice saying some HUMAN meds were okay for pets, but to call your vet before giving your pet anything. Dose size and interactions will differ greatly of course, going from human to pet so I'm assuming the reverse is also true.

I would just call your vet and ask. If you can call and ask about giving a pet human medication why shouldn't you be able to call and ask the other way around? The worst they can do is flat out tell you no or at least give you a better reason as to why it may or may not be safe.

Wish I could help more, but hope this is a start!

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Tramadol is also known as Ultram, Ultracet, & Zydol. It's an analgesic pain reliever used in humans & (apparently) dogs, I know they use it in horses as well. It acts similar to codeine in the way it makes you feel.
Check this link out it might help.

OH! BTW, if you are prone to seizures, liver or kidney problems, don't take it.

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