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#204230 - 11/18/09 09:22 PM Interested in starting a Chapter in Nashville, TN
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Hey hey hey!

My name's Kristen. You've likely seen me if you frequent the Sound System Syndicate or Tennessee EDM shows in town. (I'm the photographer! :D)

As our scene grows, so do the number of people that choose to tune in, turn on, and drop out. It's not some hush-hushed secret, it's obvious!

There needs to be something like this organization at our parties to keep them safe, and responsible. There only needs to be one person busted, OD, or die/fall ill to heat exhaustion to completely ruin our scene/lifestyle for EVERYONE!

I have another person interested in helping me out, but we're waiting on her to turn 18 in May.

Who's with me?

Our first meeting would be in Late November/Early December. I think the first show we'll hand out the literature would be sometime in January/February.

#204239 - 12/04/09 06:38 PM Re: Interested in starting a Chapter in Nashville, TN [Re: Kristen_PHOTOG]
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To start off with you screwed up Timothy Leary's quote. Its turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Being from the Nashville scene myself I think what you are doing is going to bring more negative (read:legal) attention to the scene than positive attention. We only have a few crews here and of those, most of them throw small monthly shows of around 150-200 people.

Most of the kids here are drifting more towards things like LCD, Shrooms, and even DMT on occasion. Mainly due to the fact that they know that 95% of the pills that come through TN and surrounding areas are bad. Most of them are all piperazines. The other bad thing that has gone through TN is Maddy. Now the sad part is a lot of these bad pills test good because they mix a little bit of MDMA/MDA in with pill to help fool testing kits. but its not enough MDMA/MDA to be active to a high degree.

I personally thing that by having big dance safe booths at parties its just gonna wave a huge red flag saying "hey look there is definitely some drug usage going on here". Yes I know you are gonna come back and say that you are protecting kids and that its just harm prevention but I think pill testing with reagents is more like Harm Induction than harm prevention at this point. Yeah it was great in the 90s/00s but now the labs making these pills know better.

Tests do not show a clean pill. even if you are flyering the hell out of an event most of these kids will not give a damn and either eat the pill anyways or go for another substance.

#204287 - 01/20/10 07:52 AM Re: Interested in starting a Chapter in Nashville, TN [Re: seagate23]
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I think you should use your best judgement with regards to testing at parties. You can do it at parties on the DL, out of the public eye. Everything's online now, so just let everyone know to look for the person wearing suchandsuch a t-shirt if they want stuff tested. Arrange a testing pre-funk party beforehand, maybe.
As for staffing a booth, meh.
A table with the cards and any other flyers you might have made, a water jug, and a t-shirt are often good enough for a party with under 250 ppl. Go, hang out near the table when not dancing, be sure to dance your ass off.

Or sponsor an entire chill room. Pack it with snuggle (futons, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals), put up some deco, offer water, juice and snacks, help throw the party!

If you need anything Kristen (I know you've been talking with Carissa) or just want to chat about stuff, DM me or email me at

And as for Seagate23, I disagree with your statement that most adulterated pills have a little MDxx present to fool the reagents. As our lab testing project has shown, the majority of fake pills have no MDxx in them, and the majority of pills that did test positive for MDMA rarely had other drugs in them. That's for recent test results as well as throughout the life of the project.

We're not trying to change anyone's mind here. We're providing a test they can use to get more info about what they're taking so they can make a more informed decision. If they then choose to take a different substance (that they know more about) or even take the adulterated pill anyway, then that's their decision. You say that a lot of the pills in your area are pipes or just a little bit of MDxx. Maybe you'd like to send in a couple pills from your area to the lab and we could find out?

And maybe back in the 90s the media and cops would freak out if there were a DS booth at a party. That story has already been written, and I don't think there's gonna be a huge media backlash against raves again. OG Ravers are in their 30s and 40s now.


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